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fail - te   [fall - cha] noun

1. Gaelic word meaning welcome and joy

1 / What is a microschool?

A microschool is a small-scale, personalized learning environment that typically consists of a small group of students from various age groups.  

Microschools aim to create a more flexible educational experience compared to traditional schools, emphasizing a strong sense of community, and a holistic approach to education that prioritizes the development of each student's academic, social, emotional, and creative abilities.

2 / What is Waldorf education?

Waldorf education is an educational philosophy and approach developed by Rudolf Steiner that emphasizes holistic development and a balanced nurturing of a child's intellectual, artistic, practical, and social skills. Named after the first Waldorf School, established in Germany, in 1919, this approach focuses on fostering creativity, imagination, and a deep respect for each child's individuality.

Key principles of Waldorf education include:

  • Holistic Development: Waldorf education aims to educate the whole child—mind, body, and spirit. It integrates academic learning with artistic expression, movement, and practical skills development to support a well-rounded education.

  • Age-Appropriate Learning: The curriculum is designed to align with the developmental stages of children. Subjects are introduced in a way that corresponds to their cognitive and emotional development.

  • Arts and Creativity: Creative arts are integral parts of the curriculum. These artistic activities are seen as vital tools for learning and personal growth.

  • Hands-On Learning: Waldorf education often incorporates hands-on, experiential learning. Students engage in practical activities, crafts, and activities that involve movement and tactile experiences to reinforce academic concepts.

  • Unplugged and Nature-Centric: There is often an emphasis on limiting exposure to technology in the early years and encouraging a strong connection with nature. Outdoor activities and experiences in natural settings are valued for their role in fostering a child's connection with the world around them.

  • Teacher as Guide: Teachers serve as guides and mentors who follow their students through several years, fostering strong, consistent relationships and understanding of each child's unique learning style.

  • Waldorf education is often implemented in Waldorf schools but can also be adapted in homeschooling or other educational settings. Its focus on nurturing creativity, critical thinking, and social responsibility aims to prepare students for a balanced and meaningful life beyond academics.

3 / What ages does Fáilte Microschool serve?

In 2024-25 we will be accepting children in 1st - 5th grade.  Our plan is to continue serve the children that come to us as they move on to higher grades.  We will possibly expand in the coming years.

4 / What is the enrollment process?

The first step is typically a phone call to see if Fáilte is the right fit for your family.  Reach out to us and we will get in touch with you with next steps.

5 / How many children will be in a group?

At Fáilte we will keep groups very small.  In 2024-35 we plan to have between 4-6 students.  In future years we may increase but plan on staying below 10 students at a time.

6 / What is the cost of tuition?

The tuition for 2024-25 school year is 1,600 per month.


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