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fail - te   [fall - cha] noun

1. Gaelic word meaning welcome and joy

Hello! I’m Jennifer, and I'm passionate about creating inclusive, nurturing educational environments where every child can thrive. My journey in education began with a degree in Special Education, and for over a decade, I dedicated myself to teaching students with diverse needs in reading, and English.


I also became trained in FloorTime Therapy, an approach used to promote a child’s development using the power of relationship and connection to support growth in self-regulation, communication, social problem solving, and reflective thinking. Working closely with families, I supported the implementation of FloorTime in their homes, witnessing firsthand the transformative impact it had on children's growth and development.


My experience in schools also expanded beyond the classroom—I served as an instructional coach, guiding and mentoring new teachers while fostering an environment that embraces growth mindset principles. Additionally, I facilitated school-wide training sessions on various educational topics, aiming to empower educators and instill innovative teaching methodologies.


However, my perspective on education evolved when I became a parent. As my son entered kindergarten, I observed a concerning shift—a decline in his joy for learning, which dimmed the spark in his eyes. This experience solidified a realization I had already come to: our current educational system does not cater to every child's unique needs, and oftentimes is actually detrimental to their growth.


Motivated by my son's journey, I made the decision to homeschool him. Witnessing his remarkable growth and renewed enthusiasm for learning was a catalyst for a broader mission. I firmly believe that every child deserves an educational experience tailored to their individual strengths and needs.


Hence, I've embarked on a path to extend this enriching homeschooling experience to more children. Through Fáilte Microschool, I aim to offer an alternative educational approach, fostering a nurturing environment where children can rediscover their love for learning, embrace their uniqueness, and flourish beyond the confines of traditional schooling.


Join me on this exciting journey to redefine education and empower children to thrive in an environment that celebrates their individuality and fosters a genuine love for learning.




Assistant Teacher

Fáilte Microschool is thrilled to introduce Abby to our cherished community.

Abby Lederman brings a wealth of experience to our team, holding a B.A. in Art History and English Literature from Tufts University and an M.Ed. with a focus on Art from Temple University's Tyler School of Art. Her journey has seen her guide and educate children across diverse settings, from teaching to coaching and supporting transformational leadership courses for young people and teens.

With three grown children and four delightful grandchildren, Abby's passion for nurturing young minds extends beyond the classroom. Alongside her role at Fáilte Microschool, she dedicates her time to assisting teens in crafting exceptional college admissions essays and delving into her love for writing, having authored five novels since the onset of the pandemic.


Each day, Abby brings her creativity and expertise to our school, leading engaging lessons on various subjects, from watercolor painting to personalized reading sessions with each student. Her warm and compassionate nature, combined with her longstanding friendship with Jennifer, makes her a seamless addition to our team.

We are honored to have Abby enriching the lives of our students and fostering a nurturing environment where every child can flourish. Welcome, Abby, to the Fáilte family!


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